Dear Education Friend:

brookey-3-croppedMaking our students’ wishes and dreams come to life is the heart of what we do at the Tulsa Community College Foundation. We know what makes their eyes light up and fans the flames of their educational aspirations. But how do we put that into words for our special friends like you who care about education? We decided to try a new approach.

This year, we asked our faculty and staff to give us their ultimate wish list. We asked them to think big and small and pretend for just a moment they could conjure up the list of their dreams for TCC students. They jumped at the chance and provided an array of exciting projects and needs. The result is this Wish Book.

As you explore the pages, you’ll find descriptions of what could be possible through your donation — ideas sure to ignite a student’s passion or provide a building block for success. We call them Opportunity Gifts. The gifts you can give cover a broad range of costs and possibilities, from a new laboratory for biology students to an impactful Vietnam War Era lecture series.

Each year at this time, you receive catalogs filled with products that sparkle. We hope this catalog will inspire you to help our students shine.

Through your generous donations, our opportunity gifts will become reality, and the value of education at TCC will be enriched in ways that can’t be measured by dollars.

I encourage you to browse through this catalog, find the project that fits your personal style and budget, and make a gift that will impact the next generation of scholars at TCC.

Wishing you holiday cheer,
President of the TCC Foundation

TCC Foundation Mission

The Tulsa Community College Foundation provides support to Tulsa Community College and its mission by developing key relationships and financial resources.

Values and Beliefs

TCC Foundation supports the philosophy and mission of TCC which:

  • Provides quality higher education to all sectors of the community;
  • Is responsive, timely and proactive in meeting the needs of the subset business community;
  • Sets the standard for integrity and professionalism; and
  • Is a leader in developing cutting edge programs.