Dear Education Friend:

brookey-3-croppedThe holidays are a time of anticipation. Cozy gatherings, time-honored traditions and perfectly wrapped presents are just a few of the things we look forward to each year.

At the Tulsa Community College Foundation, anticipation is not limited to one season. We see it every day as our students diligently prepare for their future. TCC students can look forward to better career opportunities, higher earning potential and a host of other benefits.

Each year we ask our faculty and staff what would make their students’ eyes light up and capture some of that joyful expectation. We’ve gathered their thoughtful responses and placed them here, in this Wish Book.

Just as you might search through holiday catalogs to find the perfect gift, we invite you to explore these pages to find something special for our students.

On each page you’ll find a project or a need. We call them Opportunity Gifts. The gifts you can give cover a broad range of possibilities but each one will support student success.

With your help, these gifts will become reality and lives will be transformed in ways that cannot be measured by dollars.

We hope you will discover a gift that sparks joy and anticipation for you. Your generosity is part of the magic that makes this season so special.

Wishing you holiday cheer,
Lauren F. Brookey
President of the TCC Foundation

TCC Foundation Mission

The Tulsa Community College Foundation provides support to Tulsa Community College and its mission by developing key relationships and financial resources.

Values and Beliefs

TCC Foundation supports the philosophy and mission of TCC which:

  • Provides quality higher education to all sectors of the community;
  • Is responsive, timely and proactive in meeting the needs of the subset business community;
  • Sets the standard for integrity and professionalism; and
  • Is a leader in developing cutting edge programs.